Friday, 20 December 2013

Gameweek 17 Preview & Tips


Luis Suarez- Suarez has now played 11 games, and is averaging 12.4 points per game. That is absolutely mental considering if you captained him all 11 times he's played, he would be earning you around 25 points each week. With a home game to Cardiff at the weekend and with Suarez likely wearing the armband once again, no fantasy manager should or dare to look elsewhere for captaincy. It's plain and simple this week: captain Luis Suarez.

CLEAN SHEET POTENTIAL- This week, I  fancy three teams for a clean sheet.

Liverpool at home to Cardiff

Manchester United at home to West Ham

Sunderland at home to Norwich

WAYNE ROONEY DILEMMAThis week many did early transfers, replacing the injured Sergio Aguero with Wayne Rooney. Unfortunately, we found out later in the week that Rooney had also picked up an injury, and is doubtful for Manchester United's encounter with West Ham on Saturday.

My advice to those who are contemplating a hit to remove Rooney and have a healthy bench would be to hold off, as he should be back in time for United's mid-week clash with Hull City.

Usually in fantasy football "less is more", and it's always tempting to chase points from the week before. So strap down those knees and secure those trigger fingers, because it's never comforting going into a week already at (-4).

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