Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Slow and Steady... GW3

GW3 Team:
Gameweek 3 was a very disappointing gameweek in my opinion.

For a third consecutive week, my midfielders failed to produce, once again gathering 1 assist between the 4 of them. This has been quite an odd start to the season, as there has been an irregularly high number of clean sheets in the first 3 weeks.

Due to the abundance of clean sheets, my defenders were once again the ones to bail me out, 4/5 attaining a clean sheet.

The one upside of my gameweek was my captain, Theo Walcott. I was very tempted by Dzeko and Silva, but was not confident enough in either of them, as Silva is more of an assister and Dzeko's gametime has been threatened by a rejuvenated Negredo, looking to prove a point.

My strikers were equally bad as my midfielders, with Dzeko blanking and taken off at half, as Soldado had 2 great chances in the box blocked by a solid Arsenal defence.

My transfer this week is highly regretted, as Silva was more of a "safe bet". Although I gained 0.2 in value, I really wish I had the ability to look past ENR's Sky Blue Silva Smokescreen.

**If your team is not in shambles, I highly recommend holding your Wildcard. It is very tempting with a long two weeks ahead, but surely your WC will come good later on in the year, which may become a huge advantage.**


Sometimes going against the crowd works in your favor. This week the highest on the captain poll was David Silva. I decided to stick to my gut and went with Walcott, which paid off in the end.


Although I was not happy with this gameweek overall, I still was able to get that prestigious green arrow, rising 11k to 65k overall. 

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