Wednesday, 28 August 2013


To recap from last week, I transferred out Ivanovic and Lukaku (who both have blanks GW3) for Coleman and Dzeko.

Let's see how my hit worked out points-wise:

Ivanovic(6) + Lukaku(1) = 7
Coleman(6) + Dzeko(8) = 14

14-7(-4) = 3. Therefore I gained 3 points overall from my hit, while also gaining 0.3 in value from price rises.

This week, my transfer was simple. I had to shift Eden Hazard out, who was set to drop to 9.4, due to his blank GW3.

My two options that I looked at were David Silva and Miguel Perez Cuesta (Michu). Despite me really fancying Michu, Silva's fixtures were too good to overlook, with him having Hull City at home up next, and his price sky rocketing.

I ended up missing his first price rise, andwas forced to pay 9.2 for the creative midfielder. 

I decided against a hit to get the Dutch superstar Robin Van Persie, due to the fact that after Liverpool away, he has 2 international games, and I didn't want to risk an injury.

So my single free transfer this week was:

Hazard(9.5) ---> Silva(9.2)

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