Friday, 23 August 2013


With many player prices rising and falling, you must keep a keen eye on FISO and TFPL, or else you will jeopardize losing that dreaded 0.1 value. 

My plan heading into GW2 was always to dump 1 or maybe even 2 Chelsea players. So that is what I did.

I first transferred out Ivanovic for Coleman, catching that valuable 0.1 rise. Many will say this move was a "knee-jerk", but I am a believer in long term benefit. With Coleman looking lively in Everton's attack, he will be a key member to my squad for at least the next 5-10 GWs, bar injury.

My second transfer was much more difficult. I was one of many who owned Lukaku; great expectations, but minimal returns. With his two cameos and lack of production off the bench, his price plummeted, and I had to take action before price changes and I was stuck with a 7.9 value striker.

My options were simple: Dzeko or Lambert. 

Dzeko, a risky or "flair" player, is not assured starts with so many attacking options for City. This is what Pellegrini had to say regarding Dzeko's performance vs. Newcastle in GW1:

"I trust Edin Dzeko" Manuel declared, "it was a pity he didn't score because he has a lot of chances and he played very well.

"We knew with the ball that he's a very good player but I think he played very well without the ball tonight. He had some important chances and he deserved to score today.

"I spoke to him when I first arrived and I told him that he will do very well for us.

"I am sure we are now going to see the Edin Dzeko that City bought from Wolfsburg two yars ago."

Lambert is the safer option, on FKs and PKs, but the signing of Osvaldo has muddied the waters, and made him less of a favorable pick. This is due to the fact of the uncertainty that Pochettino will play Osvaldo with Lambert, or if Lambert may lose his spot, with Pochettino opting for the more Nimble Jay Rodriguez in behind or in front of Osvaldo.

In the end, I decided to go with Dzeko, as I had no other City cover, and decided the risk was "high risk-high reward" and that Dzeko would soon be replaced in my team with RVP come GW3/4 regardless.

To wrap it up, my two transfers this week were:

Ivanovic (6.5) ---> Coleman (5.0)
Lukaku (8.0) ---> Dzeko (7.5)

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