Thursday, 22 August 2013

The Journey Begins... DGW1

Once again the 2013-14 season began with a DGW, meaning many managers were forced into choosing players they would not have initially started off with in their squads. Some managers opted for a more "long-term" team, but would soon feel the repercussions of not going into the DGW with guns blazing. This week we will look back on what was, once again a profitable DGW for many managers, including myself. 

GW1 Team:

As I'm a strong believer in maximizing DGW potential, I went all in GW1; opting for 3 Chelsea and 1 Aston Villa players, bringing me to a grand total of 4 DGW players.

My tactic when picking my 3 Chelsea DGWers was simple, I decided to cover all my bases and pick 1 defender, 1 midfielder and 1 forward.

My first pick was someone I missed out in last season's DGW, and a player who is always dangerous on set pieces; Chelsea's RB Branislav Ivanovic. My selection came down to club captain Terry(6.0) or Ivanovic(6.5) but opted for the latter due to his major goal threat.

My second pick was simple, the Belgian Eden Hazard. This pick would have been much more difficult if Juan Mata was not priced 1.0 more expensive than Hazard, but the FPL pricing worked out in my favor.

My third pick was largely due to the "flock mentality" of the FFS Community. Being a member on Fantasy Football Scout, I could not help myself. Lukaku was scoring nearly every game pre-season, and every man and his dog on FFS owned him.

The rest of my picks were quite simple. I decided from the start that RVP was overpriced, and that I'd try to fit him in by GW4, when he plays Crystal Palace at home.

Christian Benteke was avoided to some extent due to his two tough fixtures, both against top 4 opponents Chelsea and Arsenal. But Benteke proved doubters wrong, notching 3 goals in the 2 games, and was the Gameweek's highest point scorer.

Soldado was really a flair pick, but I had faith in him due to his great scoring record, and the fact that Bale was on his way out of Tottenham.

My midfield was also part of the FFS template, but ended up being a huge letdown. Midfielders Walcott, Coutinho and Mirallas all shot blanks week 1, while Williams only came on for a cameo.

Besides Ivanovic, I opted to go uber in defence, opting for three 4.5s (Collins, Turner, Yanga-Mbiwa) and a 4.0 bench fodder (Ward).

Mignolet was a no-brainer for me, as he was great value to start the season at 5.5 and nailed on in the Liverpool defence, and I decided to pair him with a 4.0 bench fodder. Mignolet also turned out to be a gameweek 1 hero, saving a PK at the death, stealing 3 bonus points as well as 3 points for Liverpool.


As I stated before, those who underestimated the power of the DGW were harshly burned, ending on 60-odd points. I myself had a great start to the season, notching 88points and starting with an overall rank of 139k, much better than last season's start of 637k. 

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