Thursday, 22 August 2013

ALL ABOARD!! Which Bandwagons to get on, and which to avoid.

When it comes to early season, bandwagons are very important. But you must be very careful not to board the wrong ones, as they could be on a one way track for disaster. A prime example is Mauro Boselli of last season. For readers who don't know about Boselli, he was a striker for Wigan Athletic, and scored in almost every pre-season match. But when it came down to GW1 kickoff, the guy was snake-bitten. Couldn't buy a goal. So let's get back on track and see this season's bandwagons.

Bandwagons often start off when a player does well early on in the season. So let's start off with naming who came out of DGW1 with some great point hauls:

Bandwagons to get on:

Mignolet- With a PK save at the death and a CS and maximum bonus points, Mignolet looks a good bet if you are looking for a solid keeper over the first half of the season.

Coleman- With an assist and a goal to his name already, the irishman looks as lively as ever. With some favorable fixtures coming up, Coleman looks a good bet for some CS and attacking points.

Shaw- After assisting the GWG in GW1, Shaw looks a decent bet as SOU cover in the back. Under Pochettino Southampton look very comfortable in possession and at the back.

Aguero- Two very tasty fixtures coming up and let's face   it, the Argentine is always in the mix for City.

Benteke- Despite his two "hard" fixtures GW1, the Belgian 
showed his resilience against the top sides and will be a hot
pickup after his GW3 blank.

Bandwagons to AVOID

Chelsea players- With United up next and a blank in GW3, it would be highly intelligent to avoid any Chelsea players that did well GW1 until GW4, which includes Ivanovic, Oscar, Lampard and even Hazard.

Whittaker- Scoring a goal and notching an assist, Whittaker is a hot selection currently, due to his very cheap price tag of 4.0. Despite many casuals bringing him in, you should avoid as Bassong is set to return for Norwich, and it looks like Whittaker will be the one to make way.

Welbeck- Despite outscoring the Flying Dutchman in GW1 by 1 point, I just don't see the English striker keeping it up. Let's face it, Welbeck scored 1 goal all of last season for United... I don't see him scoring more than 10 in all competitions. I would avoid.

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